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PS 630/15-2B Watch the video  
This Line is equipped with two Pay Off systems, one Labelling Machine, one Automatic Pallet Unit, as well as several control devices, such as, Spark Tester, Lump Detector and an Ink jet Cable Printer for marking cables.
The Automatic Pallet Unit, in case of any alarm, received by control Devices, displays two different types of pallets:
-No. 1 Pallet with spools having good cable
-No. 1 Pallet with spools having faulty cable
Range of Cables:
   -Cable diameter: from 4 up to 16mm, detailed as follows:
   -Multicore Cable: from 2x1, 5 mm2 up to 2x16 mm2
   -Cable geometry: Circular and Flat
Spools Dimensions:
  -Flange diameter: from 380mm up to 630mm
  -Overall Spool width: from 220mm up to 520mm
  -Spools length: from 150mt up to 2000 meters
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