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18/02/2020This Line is suitable for the following range of cables:
-insulated flexible cables: from 2 up to 12 mm. of diameter
-flat cables: from 5,5 mm. x 3,5 mm up to 12 mm. x 6 mm
-Coils: from 5 up to 100 meters long, according to the cable diameter

 PAY OFF 630/1000 + DANCER/6, suitable for the following range of reels:
-Max Reel Diameter: 1000 mm
-Min Reel Diameter:    400 mm
-Max Reel weight:      1500  kg

In order to maintain a good final presentation of the coils, even with rigid/solid cable, after the coiling process, they get strapped and placed into a Thermoshrinking Oven.
Most of our Customers (using this line for short - length coils), are selling small coils to supermarkets (big stores, shops ecc….), where both laying, as well as packaging quality, are fundamental for being successful.
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