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MOD. PS 630/15-2B
01/10/2022We have recently pre-tested at our facility in Italy, a Fully Automatic Double Head Spooling Line, which has already been delivered to a major Cable Manufacturer in Poland.
Our PS 630/15-2B is suitable to process:
- Flexible cables having a diameter from 5mm up to 15mm
- Solid cables having a diameter from 5mm up to 13,2mm
- Spools diameter: from 350mm up to 630mm
- Spools width: from 220mm up to 520mm
Line speed: from 0 up to 350-400 meters per minute, depending on the cable type.
This Equipment has been designed and built up, according to the Customer's specific requirements and consists of the following units:
- 1 Portal Pay Off 1650
- 1 Accumulator
- 1 Laser Meter-Counter
- 1 Automatic Double Spooling Head – MOD. PS 630/15-2B
- 1 Labelling Machine
- 1 Automatic Pallet Unit
- 1 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper
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