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Another PS system has been sold in the U.S. market
15/11/2022Italy’s PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl recently designed, built and delivered, one of its coiling/spooling lines, model PS 85/MBN-S, to a significant customer in the U.S.
The PS 85/MBN-S model is capable of winding cable onto both coils and spools, and fully complies with all current U.S. regulations. It includes sophisticated measuring/quality control devices, such as a lump detector, spark tester and diameter gauge. The model, which complies with strict safety rules, enables a manufacturer to produce a final product that consistently meets all customer requirements. The model can process insulated flexible cables, insulated solid wire and multicore flexible cable. 
For specific wire sizes, and to see our other lines, please go to www.pscm.it.
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